Alex Productions

What, Alex?

Here I answer all the W's, and an H (well, kinda)

   Alex is a company set-up by a young chap called Alex, un-surprisingly. Although naming the company after himself, through lack of imagination, don't think un-kindly of him, i'm told "he can be quite a funny guy!" (by Alex himself)

   Alex Productions is a theatre productions company which is neither Amateur nor Professional, but sits in a no-mans land all on its lone-some. Using practices taken from AmDram and giving it a hard-worked Professional polish. Add to this a return to acting, not focused on fancy sets or costumes, but concentrated on using the acting to take the audience to another place.

   Alex is based in the three counties of England, namely Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Although someday the entire universe will beckon to the name of Alex, maybe, or not. Who knows?

   Alex is something that started as an idea a suggestion muttered between friends way back in 2006 and has since evolved and developed into this that what you see before you now. (english wasn't my strong point)

   Alex is in all honesty here to have fun, to look back and enjoy it, all of it, everything. No regrets!

   Not even Alex can answer that one, it really isn't even a question that should be answered here. I don't know what I was thinking