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Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

Cinfusions reviewA collection of five one-act plays, all cleverly written, combine to form a night of the unforgettable theatricality usually expected from an Ayckbourn play.

These five acts embody the typical characteristics of an Ayckbourn comedy: an interactive insight into the ups and downs of human behaviour. The plays are naturalistic, stylised and farcical and yet all have a streak highlighting the problem of loneliness running through them like the single drip of condensation down the side of an ice cold glass of cider. From marital conflict through infidelity to motherhood, placed on a park bench or a village fete, we recognise the characters as quickly as we do their cries for help.

ALEX Productions debut production was one that hoped to set the tone of all future productions, aiming to bring true acting to the theatre and not have expensive sets and elaborate costumes to hide behind.

It was performed at the Luton Library Theatre on the 24th, 25th and 26th of September 2009, although audience numbers were not brilliant all those involved both on-stage and in the audience thoroughly enjoyed the nights.

We invited Nova Horley of the Dunstable Gazette to review our production and to the right of all this blah blah is a copy of her review.